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Importance of IT in Construction
The importance of information and communication technologies in construction is now increasingly acknowledged through inclusion into curriculums of many civil engineering programmes. They do, however, cover only parts of the field called IT in Construction (ITC). We proclaim a more holistic approach to ITC.

Unique ITC Programme
For almost a decade ITC-Euromaster is one of the most unique Master's degree programmes offered to civil engineering bachelors. During that time the ITC-Euromaster has been developing a model of teaching and learning based on specialized courses in a Course Pool, offered by several European universities, which cover wide area of ITC. Graduates represent a unique profile of an ITC specialized Civil Engineer which is increasingly recognized and demanded by the AEC sector.

The modules of the ITC-Euromaster Course Pool were initially developed by academics from nine European universities as part of an EU-funded Socrates Erasmus project between 2002 and 2005. The curriculum has been developed in such a way that courses can be offered from several universities as e-learning courses utilized by a learning management system and virtual classrooms.

ITC Course Pool
ITC-Euromaster delivers over 15 Post-Graduate courses jointly developed, offered and maintained by academics from European member institutions in Slovenia, Ireland, Austria, and Germany.
Courses are jointly offered to students at:
- University of Maribor, Slovenia
- University College Cork, Ireland
- Dublin Institute of Technology (CITA), Ireland
- University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
- University of Technology Graz, Austria

ITC Master's Programme
Member institutions offer their own programmes of study by combining different courses from the ITC-Euromaster Course Pool:
- University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering as 2 year full-time and 2 year part-time Master's degree programme,
- University College Cork as 1 year full-time and 2 years part-time Master's degree programme,
- Dublin Institute of Technology (CITA) as 1.5 year full-time and 2.5 years part-time Master's degree programme.