Course Pool

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Currently, ITC-Euromaster delivers over 10 Post-Graduate courses jointly developed and offered by Academics from 5 European Universities in Slovenia, Ireland and Austria. To open the program to the global community we have decided to form an ITC course pool, which includes all courses developed in the project. The pool organization is based on reciprocity. Any institution with knowledge in the ITC field is welcomed to offer a course to the pool. Once accepted by the steering committee, the new partner institution can include any number of existing courses in its own curricula. Organization of the program was another exciting and important task. Students enroll at each university, but they enter a single virtual class, with teachers coming from all partner universities. The same concept is used on the level of a single course.

Teaching materials have been prepared in digital form to conform to the e-learning standards. Since then the course pool has been modified and stabilized as shown in table (ITC-Euromaster Course Pool 2011/2012):

* UM = University of Maribor, UCC = University College Cork, DIT = Dublin Intitute of Technology, UL = University of Ljubljana, TUG = Technical University Graz

The table shows universities as course providers (left) and universities as course consumers (right) with the courses in the pool (middle). The course pool complements around 10 existing obligatory and elective courses at partner universities.

The curriculum is focused on students who have finished their undergraduate studies with a university degree in civil, building or structural engineering as well as architecture. The program graduates earn an academic Master's degree on Construction Information Technology, which shall enable them to continue with the relevant PhD study, or immediately start to work in the industries as civil engineers with a specific focus on IT. The need for such new profile has already been recognized. We are convinced that the civil and building industry will need more engineers with profound IT understanding and knowledge in the e-society of tomorrow.